Harden has rich experiences in single shaft shredders.


Single Shaft Shredder (Heavy Duty) SM3000

Harden SM(SMH) series single shaft shredder equipped heavy-duty rotor with advanced cutting structure and arc-stock pusher. It’s well suitable for medium size shredding works. The throughout is ranged from 1 to 30 tons/hours. Electrical motor and hydraulic radial motor is optional, depending to the working conditions. Harden has rich experiences in single shaft shredders. Harden has specialized parameters for different materials shredding. The rotating speed, action program and cutter formation is sophisticated. Whether it is a thick wood stake or RDF in a low bulk densit, SM(SMH) can deal with it perfectly.

Features of Single Shaft Shredder

  1. The triangular bearing support structure ensures smooth operation
  2.  Arc pusher and short feeding interval to reduce no-load rate
  3. Imported motor / reducer for high efficiency and long service life
  4.  Spindle wear-resistant coating surfacing to prevent the wear of core components
  • 5. External independent bearing seat isolates material contamination
  • 6. Special heat-resistant and wear-resistant knife, can be used on both sides
  •  7. Large-diameter spindle effectively improves crushing capacity
  • 8. Central lubrication system with PLC automatic lubrication


M o d e lSM1300SM2200 SMH2200 (Hydraulic)SM3000 SMH3000 (Hydraulic)
Motor Power (kW)90250250×2 250×2 (Hydraulic) 6310x2630x3250 4750x2850x3330 Main pump driven
Stock Pusher Power (kW)7.515Main pump driven
Size of Cutting Chamber (AxB)(mm)1300×16001535×22003000×1500
Machine Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)3450x2530x25704380x3000x2450 5400x3000x24506310x2630x3250 4750x2850x3330

Applications of Single Shaft Shredder