Four shaft independent working, more efficient

M o d e l: QS1012
M o d e l: QSH1618


Four Shaft Shredder

Harden QS series four shaft shredder has intelligent control system for each of shaft which enables every shaft working with their
own shredding and protection actions to increase the shredding frequency and output.
In addition, QSH series four shafts shredder equipped hydraulic and electric motor combine driven system, which both remained
the benefits of hydraulic and electrical driven, high torque and flexible for main shaft, efficient and power saving for vice shafts.
QSH is excellent in heavy-duty and particle size control shredding works.

Features of Four Shaft Shredder

  • Four shaft independent working, more efficient
  • Chamber structure optimized to reduce vibration and stress
  • Bearing pedestal and gearbox Integrated assembly
  • Modular design for quick maintenance
  • 5. Alloy Shafts are strictly heat-treated for excellent toughness
  • 6. Hexagonal surfaces of shaft are hardened to bear impact
  • 7.Direct welding repair technologies for fast cutter maintenance
  • 8. Central lubrication system with PLC automatic control


M o d e lQS1012
Motor Power(kW)2×45+2×30
75 (Hydraulic) +2×22
Knife Thickness/ Mesh Size (mm)30/60/10030/60/100
Size of Cutting Chamber (AxB)(mm)1020×12001300*16201800*1600
Machine Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)4600x2880x26404800x2000x35003410x3260x3600

Applications of Four Shaft Shredder