Primary Shredder,Expert hydraulic system design, stable and efficient

M o d e l:TPH1620
M o d e l:TPH1826


Primary Shredder

Harden TDH series primary shredder is professional in shredding large volumes of materials such as MSW, bulky furniture, and
shell of vehicles, etc.
The special design of blades rotor and contrary blades solved materials twining problem. The Shredding clearances is controll
ed by machining that it can save power consumption and enlarge the output range. The wear plate fullcover
technology prolongs the service life of both the shaft and cutting chamber by times.

Features of Primary Shredder

  • Expert hydraulic system design, stable and efficient
  • Hägglunds, Poclain Hydraulic Motors. Rexroth, Danfoss Units
  • Three rows of stationary knives ensures shredding efficiency
  • Special knife design to prevents materials hanging or stuck
  • 5. Alloy Shafts are strictly heat-treated for excellent toughness
  • 6.Direct welding repair technologies for fast cutter maintenance
  • 7.High dustproof/water resistant for outdoor working conditions
  • 8. Central lubrication system with PLC automatic control


M o d e lTDH1620TDH1826
Motor Power(kW)250 Dynamic torque control315 Dynamic torque control
Rotating speed(RPM)15-4015-40
Size of Cutting Chamber (AxB)(mm)2000×16002600×1800
Machine Dimension (LxWxH)(mm)4400x2100x10605000x2350x1200

Applications of Primary Shredder