Harden large-scale hydraulic driven primary shredder, with the characteristics of high strength and low maintenance cost, is used for volume reduction of bulky waste and pretreatment application of solid waste, which combines with multiple processing mechanism such as shearing, chopping, tearing and extrusion, can easily process the complicated mixed solid waste, e.g. the untreated MSW, Decoration waste and Industrial waste.

Harden primary shredder can discharge material flow with relative uniform particle size, which is convenient for sorting equipment to further separate or recycle the material, so as to obtain valuable recycling resources or high calorific value RDF. Besides, primary shredder can be used as “Bag opener” with the redesigned cutter.

Size of cuting chamber(A*b)(mm):2000*1600、2600*1800


※ Stationary Blades Pedestal: Integral design, Stable and Reliable, welded bales edge.
※ Welded Rotating Blades: withstand great impact,adopts patent technology of welding gap protection,which effectively protects the welding gap.
※ Articulated Torque Arm: Effectively resists the shaft torque,filters the impact, reduces the vibration.
※ Sealing performance: Integral axle sleeve sealing structure + dustproof clearance, powerfully protects the bearing, keeps long-term stable operation.
※ High-performance hydraulic system: cutter shaft is driven by hydraulic at variable speed and constant power,with a wide range of use.
※ 6 units running program: Flexible program for different material.

Technical Parameters